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Kennet Valley TR Group member 'Barrel Rolls' his TR7 V8 Rally car

Kennet Valley TR Group member 'Barrel Rolls' his TR7 V8 Rally car

Kennet Valley TR Group member Alastair Flack and his co-driver Mick Starkey escaped unharmed when their car overturned in the Jersey Rally, the car barrel-rolled twice when their V8 Triumph TR7 hit a bank at Rue de Pignon last Friday.

Race organisers believe the car slid on chestnuts, and oil left from a previous crash at the same spot.

You can watch the 'scary' moment on this video:

As you can see by the pictures, Alastair's car was quite badly damaged, it is now back at his workshop for evaluation.

I wrote to Alastair commenting that as my mate (and now GL at Wyedean Jeff) always wound me up about TR7's looking like a squashed Marina well maybe it's closer now? Alastair replied that the best comment in the aftermath was "How the **** did you manage to get a car that is twice as wide as it is high on its roof". This came from a friend who had put his classic mini on its side earlier in the day!

The rally continued on Saturday around Greve de Lecq and St Mary's Village and near the race course at St Ouen before moving to Victoria Village.

Alastair who owns Hamilton Classic and a regular exhibitor and thrill driver in the Autosolo, at IWE and supporter of the TR Register will have the car at the NEC Classic Motor Show so if you like to see the result why not go along.

The fact that Alastair and Mick escaped the car without a scratch is a true testament to the strength of the TR7 and the engineered roll cage designed by Alastair during the build, he commented "All four corners are bent and needs pulling on a Jig, probably be better than new when finished!".

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