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Kennet Valley TR Group - My Pride & Joy Night (formerly the KVG Clean Car Night)

Kennet Valley TR Group - My Pride & Joy Night (formerly the KVG Clean Car Night)

14 cars turned up (including a rare SAAB Sonnet) as Kennet Valley TR Group held their Pride & Joy night at the Angel, Woolhampton during their June club night. This competition is design to allow an equal opportunity for any member chance to win irrespective of condition, the cleaner the better not the condition.

(Almost a matching pair, a TR4 & TR4A ready to be judged.)

Points looked for were; photographs of the cars life, the longer the better, not just rebuilds but pictures of events etc. Documentation, history folder. Tidiness & layout of display material. Layout of tools and interior equipment hats gloves maps period accessories etc..

(A pair of Rounded Grinnall's, the green one the overall winner on the night.)

Original feature and/or equipment that have been retained, special modifications for comfort speed, handling. An original looking car should carry as much weight as a modified.

Also enthusiasm, specifically the owner who needs to be stopped expressing the finer points of his/her car. Here are the results of the competition:

  • TR2/3/3A/3B - Roy Mitchell (TR3A)
  • TR4/4/4A/5/250 - Mike Field (TR5)
  • TR6 - Den Carter
  • TR7/8 - Dave Rumens (TR7)
  • Derivative - Phil Horsley (Grinnall)
  • Non TR - Gerry Thorne (Stag)
  • Overall winner - Phil Horsley (Grinnall)

A great event, a bit embarrassing my Grinnall being overall winner, but I won't complain!!!!

Phil Horsley - GL

Kennet Valley Group

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