August / September Issue 331

August / September Issue 331

And now for something completely different:

Our beloved data keeper runs a TR6. Magenta, no less. Careful and meticulous in his upkeep of said 6, along with his pristine and original Dolly Sprint. He has been using an 'Intellicharger' to recharge/top up his battery for some years now, using a Swedish brand called CTEK, the idea being that it auto-switches off when it senses the battery is fully charged. Senior Scribe (not this one) has a £17 version from Aldi and is often heard swearing by it).

The fact of the matter is that this CTEK was being used on a rare magenta-coloured TR6 (S S has an identical one, just talking the market up). Owing to misspent youth and possibly age, our hero cannot easily lift said TR battery in and out these days, so to charge it up it was left in situ.

The result of this charger failure is to be seen in this months' picture. For those of curious mind, the late battery was an Exide Excell 12v 740AH 540A...some 10 years old.

Excellent response service from JSWL Classics of Waterlooville, Hants, who came visiting to mop up acid bath and replace a sad dead battery. Good that a battery tray was in place - that saved on savage paintwork damage. Senior scribe reminds himself to remove the battery from his TR each time it needs charging or topping up. Question for GWTR folk: how old is your battery, eh?

Any TR questions from interested parties to by email please with your phone number included.

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