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July 2021 Issue No 330

July 2021 Issue No 330

Don Sinclair writes:

''The scribe was unaware that Jim and Lisa Hailstone had sold their TR6 last November. However,
itchy feet have led to the purchase of another TR6 from a South Downs Group member from over
the border. So no delivery charge. Scribe - and a few other GWTR souls - have seen this red bolide
recently (see picture) which looks pretty good and runs nicely. Very little 'detailing' will keep Jim off the streets if he wants to look busy for a while. The question of a radio to fill the relevant aperture was aired by some. Scribe's 3A with uprated manifolds and exhaust system makes in-car entertainment limited to enjoying the anti-Tesla racket. Jim intends to do something about it. He tells us he's driven it three times and its rained on every occasion.

Another TR6 has joined the party. David Brown from Horsham acquired it last December, the car having had one owner from new and logged under 50,000 miles. It has been dry-stored for about 34 years since 1986, with a mid-layup MOT in 2003. It looks very nice (see picture). As we all know, inactivity on the older car equals deterioration of various essential components, which David is addressing, such as brakes, clutch (slave cylinder), fuel piping and injectors. A new Lumenition Optronic Performance kit and matching coil are fitted, plus new HT leads, plugs and Lucas distributor cap. We hope to see both car and driver before long in the well-sorted 6.

Andy Fell's TR3A is progressing slowly on bodywork preparation for spraying. Andy wants panel
alignment to be acceptably straight, which is taking quite a bit of time. He tells scribe that he and Joy plan to attend the Malvern shindig in August, and hope to use the TR for that one.

Records have shown that Jim Hailstone's car colour was originally Magenta. GWTR has 2 TR6s that emerged from Canley on Kremlin side by side, both in Magenta. One is 'in suspension' resting at the moment. The other one has been the subject of a lengthy and painstaking restoration, documented in previous articles. Robin Cringle”s (for it is his TR6) is virtually there, MOT'd, running nicely, and then Lady Luck supplies defunct bonnet hinges, of all things. Jim has been told that on no account should he consider respraying his 6 back to Magenta!

John Wills' very nice TR5 restoration included a Phoenix stainless exhaust system. To cope with road humps in his district, he's found an engineering specialist in Brighton who have re-routed the system to add some clearance. Should have got a Citroen DS.

Apologies for a little confusion - the previous Issue 329 had a photo of a bunch of body panels in a
bedroom, with no reference. The more previous Issue 328 had mention of Paul Russell's panels
which wound up in said bedroom after a refurbish and repaint. Scribe got out of step - sorry!

GWTR does have some knowledgeable folk on their payroll, so if you are a TR owner in the area and need to know stuff, email with your phone number included please.

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