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November 2020 Issue 325

November 2020 Issue 325

GWTR's scribe, with no group activities to report on, intends to fill future contributions with entertaining extracts from the TR3 Workshop Manual. However, before that happens, the Group Committee are preparing to publish the GWTR 2021 Calendar, as usual, because we are all optimists. They are always well received, and if you want to buy one, Robin Cringle (contact details below) may be able to help you, always subject to availability.

At the time of writing, we are looking at a dismal future, so back to the garage, now getting colder. Scribe's 3A has sported a 13 row oil cooler for some years, which decided to spring a leak the other day. Mounted in front of the radiator, it meant removal of bumper, spotlights, indicator lights and grille to get access to the offending article. A replacement was sourced from Moss and fitted easily enough. Earlier the year an electric temperature gauge was installed as the existing capillary version wasn't doing too well, especially in our southern England's few summer weeks. My chums at Rees Brothers checked water temperatures around engine and radiator and felt the gauge reading was at fault. As scribe is paranoid about water temperature, the original gauge was sent to Speedy Cables Swansea for an overhaul. The original radiator which was reconditioned by Guildford Radiators and stored ten years ago will be refitted together with an uprated water pump, and wehope adios paranoia.

Just because GWTR are in quasi-lockdown does not mean that hi-tech equipment design is beyond us. John Wills has produced a (very) limited edition TR5/6 engine dolly (pictured). Hoist the engine clear of the car, drop it into the dolly, and off you go. It doubles as a skateboard.

On a slightly more serious note, GWTR have heard from long-time member Frank Hounsell, who is resurrecting his TR4A after a longish break. Carburettor seals were leaking (one wonders whether if this is through lack of use/hardening, or today's lousy petrol). The cylinder head has been refurbished after overheating distortion caused by debris in the cooling system. Once he's put 350 miles on the clock and torqued the head down, we can look forward to seeing the result one of these days.

No apologies for an evocative photo (thanks, Jim Hailstone) of GWTR's Southern Group Drive-it-Day at Parham, Sussex in 2018. A reminder of good times past, and let's hope...

Finally, our 'housekeeping' reminder to any new incomers/owners/interested folk in the GWTR area (West Sussex/Hampshire edge). Please make yourselves known to Robin Cringle at with your phone and email details. He'd be keen to hear from you.

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