Social Scene 325

Social Scene 325

Allan Jezzard Writes:-

What to do. Where to go. What to write?

I was considering the first two in the hope that it would result in an answer to the third. No such luck. Hence, I’ve commenced the third with no idea of where it will end up.

The only “area” I could think would be safe in terms of social distancing and where, so far as I know, Covid has yet to reach, is Space. Yes, that’s it, we need space. O.k. I’m not thinking of hitching the TR up to one of Nasa’s giant rockets but faced with the restrictive measures currently in force, the chance of seeing (or hearing) any meaningful number of our TR friends is diminishing with each announcement.

For several years we have enjoyed a barbecue at the Thaxted Windmill courtesy of the conservators, one of whom is our member Alan Saville.

Alan is a farmer, previously the human guardian of literally, (yes, I mean literally – literally) thousands of chickens whose eggs were distributed at our monthly meeting at one of our pubs, the Farmhouse. Lately, Alan had begun to notice he was forgetting the names of his feathered meal tickets, so decided the time was right not to replace them at the end of their laying life. Not directly linked to his change of direction, but not wanting to disappoint the group, he (and his wife, Jan) thought that all the acres of Essex that form their farm would be an ideal space to host a socially spaced picnic. And that’s where 30 or so of East Saxons members found themselves on 6 September, enjoying our carefully prepared duly sanitised tucker.

Apart from that little outing, our regular meetings have continued although at a much lower level of attendance than usual. With the nights drawing in, unless there is a relaxation of Covid restrictions, I suspect figures will drop even more – I do hope not.

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