Social Scene 324

Social Scene 324

Allan Jezzard writes

What absolutely dreadful news about Kevin Jones. I had known of him for several years but only since attending the Limpley Stoke January Party a few times did I really appreciate the man. A driving force, certainly, and I’m sure will be greatly missed by not only his wife Jane, but the whole TR community especially Glavon Group; my sincerest condolences go to his family and friends.

Nothing official, but we have had a couple of “meet-ups” at two of our erstwhile meeting places and behaved impeccably by observing social distancing. The pubs, the Alma and The Farmhouse have both invested serious money in keeping customers distant from each other and sensitive parts of the buildings. It was great to be able to see and be close (relatively speaking) to friends we hadn’t seen for some time and compare how our TRs had been improved over lock down. Having smartened up the rear end of my 6, I attacked the inner doors. I found some door cards that seem quite good quality although the holes around the perimeter seem a bit random; I’m not prepared to reveal my solution in these pages though!

We’re planning another “non-meeting”- at the Three Compasses this time on the 20th August and hopefully we can attract some members who haven’t been able to attend the previous two.

I hadn’t been aware until recently that the Register is such a breeding ground and rich source of poets, especially in the East Area. Rest assured I have no intention of competing, neither do I have designs on a Pulitzer prize.

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