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Social Scene 320

Social Scene 320

Allan Jezzard Writes:-

Well, now the New Year’s events can start. We have had a committee meeting and agreed a fairly comprehensive list of events, the first of which we will have had at the Poplar Nurseries (22nd February) for our annual Breakfast Meet. For me this means exercising some considerable discipline as virtually everybody else will have consumed oodles of calories, cholesterol, and sugar, all of which I am barred from enjoying. Still it will have been so nice watching the bacon fat drip down their chins.

One not so good piece of news to come out of the committee meeting was hearing that Colin Jeffrey, our News Letter Editor, has been finding that he is no longer able to devote so much time to the task and has therefore resigned his post. Hence we are now searching for a volunteer to step up to join the committee and don the Editor’s eye shade. Our thanks go to Colin and his assistant, Judy, for producing some splendid ESPs (East Saxons Periodicals) during his tenure and for pushing through the highly attractive new format for the magazine.

Although not including all our members, the one event attended so far during the cold season was the Limpley Stoke Weekend organised by Glavon Group. Twelve East Saxons (none in TRs) made their way by various routes down to the Bath area for what has become a “must do” for some of us. Lesley Swain and her helpers are to be congratulated on organising this event to which we were grateful to be invited. The weather was such that TRs could have been enjoyed. Brilliant weekend!

By the next TRAction, we will have had the Group’s AGM on 5th March; it would be great if we are able to sign someone up to start the new year as ESP Editor, all members will have been notified of Colin’s leaving but there’s no sign yet of a volunteer replacement. Hot on the heels of the AGM comes a Sunday Lunch at The Walton and Frinton Yacht Club, kindly being arranged by members Peter and Cecelia Compton. I believe Peter is now the Commandant, or some such senior and vaunted boss man of what is a very nice club.

Looking further ahead to the 26th April, we’ve got the National Drive It Day Tour to Wimpole Hall with the other Eastern Groups. Events come thick and fast after this – so watch this space and our website for reports on our activities or get in touch with me

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