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TR Action 324

TR Action 324

Hi, unfortunately these days, it’s impossible to start any report without mentioning COVID and the impact it’s having upon our events and meetings. The situation doesn’t seem to be improving and unfortunately, we’re still not able to arrange any TR Register events for you I’m afraid. There are however, some larger events being arranged by organisations who consider themselves able to be ‘COVID compliant’ and as I write this, these include the local Re:Fuel gatherings at Dunkeswell and further afield, there’s a Concours de Elegance at Hampton Court in September and the Classic Car Show at the NEC in November - although being in Devon, we don’t need to travel too far to enjoy driving our TRs to beautiful places as a number of us choose to do.

I mentioned in my previous report that our planned meeting venue The Travellers Rest at Whitestone is open and I can confirm that I’ve been there twice now, for coffee and for a light lunch, sitting in their lovely beer garden, and it was all very nice indeed. So if you want an excuse for a drive out, I can recommend it and please do make yourselves known to the landlady Fiona.

Also, as I write this, the weekend ahead should have been our second Triumph Weekend at Stratford Upon Avon so our picture to accompany this report is of Graham and Mark discussing biscuits and having a rest in the sunshine, as a reminder of last year’s great event.

We have continued with our Zoom meetings but I’ve decided to slow these down from fortnightly to monthly and the forward dates will now be coinciding with our originally planned ‘first Thursday of the month’ meeting dates as part of the getting back to normal plans. I’m very grateful to Phil Tucker for hosting these meetings (and avoiding the 40min cut-off) and I’m very pleased to see many of you attending and joining in with the chat. I look forward to seeing you on-line again soon and if you want to talk to me about how this technology works, then please do give me a call.

One common topic in our last meeting highlighted that at least 3 of us had been doing some radiator replacements/upgrades on our 6’s. Not that we’d had a specific problem but just the opportunity to deal with some long standing concerns which, now that they’re addressed, mean that we can even go out and enjoy the current heat wave too.

I promised an update on our new Devon logo and the sharp eyed amongst you might have already seen it alongside this report in the previous TR Action. We have now placed an order through the Office, and with great help from Jo, for windscreen stickers that we will be providing to you. We’ve also been making enquiries from local clothing suppliers, who can supply embroidered leisurewear and I’ll be sending you specific details in an email shortly. As always, if you’re not getting emails from me, or TRR Devon, then please do let me know so that I can correct that situation.

Until next time, look after yourselves, Alan

Devon Group

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