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TR Action 321

TR Action 321

Hi everyone. Well, sadly since my last report a lot has changed! I talked about the challenges that we faced due to storms Ciara and Dennis but this has paled into insignificance since the worldwide spread of this Covid-19 virus. As I write this, in early April, we’re in lockdown and everything is being cancelled for the next month or two I’m afraid, but as long as we’re all safe and well, that’s the important thing and to those of you who are providing essential services at this difficult time – we are really grateful, so thank you!

I write regularly about the Travellers Rest, our new ‘to be’ venue for our regular evening meetings. I was in regular contact with the new landlady previously and they actually opened for business on 12 March but have since then, been required to close again but hopefully, we’ll be meeting there in the near future, after all.

Whilst most of us are spending time at home, it’s a good chance to catch up on all of those jobs that have been on the ‘to-do’ list. Hopefully the list includes a few extra bits on your TRs and a good way to share this is through our In the Garage newsletter. Andrew has done an excellent job collecting some stories for our Issue 8 which has just been sent to you, covering: TR3 heater and handling modifications, TR6 overdrive woes and a story about ‘TRs don't like Diesel!’. There’s more to come but you are all encouraged to send him your stories and pictures of what’s going on in your garage. If you’re not getting these emails, then it probably means that we don’t have a correct email address for you, so please do get in touch with me, so I can put this right - my contact details are in the back of the magazine.

I recently attended the Group Leaders meeting at Gaydon. Another interesting day and you will have seen Allan Westbury’s comments in the magazine where he says how we were challenged to consider the future membership requirements of the TR Register captured in his leading question – Which is more important - the car or the member?

Following this, and with a little spare time on my hands (don’t mention my own project TR6) I’ve been working with your fellow committee members, Paul and Mark, to tidy up our membership database, make sure that all of our members’ details and emails are correct (as far as we know) and ensure that all of you in the Devon Group are kept informed and have the opportunity to get involved in what we do, sSo we can be bigger, better and stronger in the future.

We’re also adding some items into our Social Scene and our Gallery, so you are encouraged to have a look at the Devon pages, feel free to let us have more photos and stories to be added and don’t forget to visit the Forum, which has radically improved over the last 12 months and is an exceptional source of TR information.

Until next time, when I hope I’ll have some better news, look after yourselves, Alan

Devon Group

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