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Social Scene Report - TR Action issue 323

TR Action 323

Publication Date: Mon 3rd Aug 2020

Derbyshire Dales Group Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford reports:

Once again we are reporting (in early July) from a Group beset by the constraints imposed by Covid-19. It is fair to say that, in line with Government guidelines, we are seeing a fair degree of the easing of the lockdown constraints and a reduction of the social separation distances – however not everybody can benefit and many of our members continue to have to be careful to avoid any contamination risk. So, those members who can, and have not got their cars stripped down, have been out and about in their cars and enjoying some cracking sunny days in June, with clear blue skies and temperatures of 29 DegC for two or three days. Still, it couldn’t last and the end of June saw a return to more typical Derbyshire mixed weather and temperatures. However, as with the rest of the TR Register, we are respecting the FBHVCs request to avoid convoys of classic cars in order to not to give an unfavourable impression to the general public and thus drawing criticism towards the classic car movement as a whole.

Meanwhile the FBHVC Drive at Home Day event on the 3rd May raised £280 from those who took part within the Derbyshire Dales Group, all of which went to the NHS Charities organisation.

Probably somewhat late in the day we have got a WhatsApp group going, (thanks to the efforts of AlanJ following a nudge from SteveB) which quickly became very active with lots of banter, photographs and information exchanges regarding major refurbishments and upgrades. It would seem that the standard of all of the various restoration projects underway and the skills employed goes way beyond the standards of manufacture of Triumph and British Leyland. I wonder how the production rate of a car per worker per two years compares, though?

In terms of the projects, AlanH has completed the restoration of his TR4a but is now frustrated by being unable to register it or complete the necessary formal documentation until such time as the DVLA resume operation; fortunately Alan has another TR - his concours TR3A - to drive and play with.

We have a few new members who have joined the Group over the last few weeks, so a hearty welcome to Guy & Jill Vinall in their TR6, and a hearty ‘welcome back’ to Duncan & Carol Ravenscroft with a rather special supercharged TR2, a conversion carried out in 1957 and subsequently raced. Apologies to all four that you may have to wait a while for a group run and an evening get-together, but it sounds like all four have good tales and experiences to relate. Welcome to all, again.

Last month we gave thanks to the TR Register team and our publishing team for their continuing efforts – I see that in TR Action 322 Edition that our Chairman, Allan Westbury, has stolen my thunder and given a vote of thanks to our suppliers for all their support during the lockdown and of keeping us supplied with the bits, pieces and services to keep our various projects going – nonetheless, we certainly reiterate that vote.

Forthcoming Events:

Until further notice or of any specific mention, all of Derbyshire Dales Group’s planned events for 2020 have been removed from our calendar.

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