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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 314

Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 314

TR Action 314

Publication Date: 10th June 2019

Derbyshire Dales Group Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford reports:

First off, apologies for missing the not-too-insignificant report of our AGM in March. We met in the boardroom-like meeting room of the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield, where we managed not only to re-elect the existing members of the Steering Group of Dave Burgess as Chairman, David Sygrove as Treasurer, Alan Jones as Webpage Pilot, and yours truly as Scribe, but Alan Hawley as our New Member Contact and Simon Cowling as Regalia Chief. All-in-all a well-ordered and, dare I say it, interesting meeting.

May, when this piece was written, is still presenting a good variety of weather to dodge in between driving our TRs - just to keep life varied. The first Sunday run of the season was Drive It Day, with a good turnout of cars - a round dozen TRs and a couple of E Type Coupés to keep us company. The run took us out into east Derbyshire and on into Nottinghamshire and the Dukeries, stopping off for coffee at the extensive grounds of the Welbeck Estate, before carrying on with the rest of the run in on into deepest darkest TR Enterprises territory with a final stop for lunch in the hamlet of Blidworth Bottoms and the Fox and Hounds pub – a gem of a find. This run was organised by David and Val Sygrove, with a fair amount of luck weatherwise. The Saturday had seen the back-end of Hurricane Hanna, with extensive rain for most of the day and temperatures just 5 degrees above snow. Had the extensive rain fallen as snow, we would have spent our Sunday digging our ways off our drives. We weren't exactly roasting on the Sunday, but we all had hoods-down all the day apart from the two couples in the coupés.

Club night in April was well attended, with a few TRs in the carpark, whilst May's club night took the form of a talk on the life and achievements of Barnes Wallis, and for a change the venue was at the Peak Edge Hotel/Red Lion at Stonedge, between Chesterfield and Matlock. Peter Rix from the Barnes Wallis Foundation presented a well-received talk to an audience of forty-three members and guests – a good turn-out on a wet and windy day, although we had no TRs in the carpark to show them. Raffles of memorabilia, books and souvenirs relating to the 617 Dambusters Squadron and Barnes Wallis, and sales of various books and signed prints raised in excess of £400 to the Barnes Wallis Foundation.

Future Events:

Wednesday 12th June: Club Night at the Amber starting at 7:30pm.

Wednesday 10th July: Club Night at the Amber, in the form of our Annual Barbeque organised by Darren Salmon and Paul Hodgkinson.

Sunday 21st July: Sunday Run organised by Jim Tully

Derbyshire Dales Group

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