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Social Scene Report - TR Action 312

Social Scene Report - TR Action 312

TR Action 312

Publication Date: 11th March 2019

Derbyshire Dales Group Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford reports:

As usual, we write these reports out of kilter to the season in which they will be read. Currently Derbyshire is experiencing a relatively kind winter – so far – and we have not suffered the major snow disruption of the far south and far north of these wonderful isles. Meanwhile you will be reading this in the Spring. Can't wait.

Not that things are quiet in other respects. Since our last report we have had a couple of Club Nights at the Amber, both well attended; our Pre-Christmas Lunch at the Devonshire Arms organised by Alan Jones and Val Bardsley-Jones, again very successful (well-done Val, who had not long emerged from hospital); and then one of our 'biggies', our Post-Christmas Bash. Attended by just short of 70 guests, we took all the available rooms at the Peak Edge Hotel. As is becoming the 'norm', we had a fair number of well-travelled guests – a contingent of four from Norway, eight or so from somewhere north east (they couldn't quite agree where they were from), Bob from the Red Rose Group, Andrew and Liz from the South Group, and seven from TR Enterprises and their associated Companies. Not forgetting Wayne Scott, our illustrious Editor. (Got to suck up to get in print). Very good entertainment was provided by Double Cross, a duet of guitar/guitar & harmonica who played almost non-stop from start to the midnight finish. Midway we had a presentation of awards – gold awards to three members for exceptional contributions to the Group, an award to Peter Callender & John Browett for Best Run, and 'Nut of the Year' to Jim Tully for breaking down in his BMW on a TR run. A special award of 'Best Tyre Kicker' was donated by TR Enterprises to Dave Burgess for his prowess at viewing and then test driving their stock without getting round to buying a car (see photo).

Once again a fair proportion of our Group have their heads down over their major projects – Jim T is making (he says slow) progress on his TR6, being well on with wiring and dashboard instrumentation and with the upholstery being sorted, John B is well on with his Austin Healey 3000 MkII, this being readied for the engine being run in-situ with all the associated wiring, instrumentation being ready and the leather upholstery in hand. Alan H's TR4A body has now been painted and is due to come together with the chassis, while Alan J is learning the whiles of the dismantling and reassembly of his diff whilst not thinking nice thoughts with regard to whoever rebuilt this before him.

Meanwhile the planning of events for this coming year is in hand with our calendar being added to, courtesy of our neighbouring Lincolnshire and Leicestershire Groups, who have invited us to join in one or two events with them. Keep an eye on our webpages for more info. Another spectacular event being planned is Dave Burgess' and Wayne Scott's (a double sucking up) Liege-Brescia-Liege rally. And, of course, the Derbyshire Dales Weekend at the Palace Hotel, Buxton.

Future Events:

Wednesday 13th March - Derbyshire Dales Group A.G.M.

Sunday 17th March - Pre-season Lunch organised by Bob Green

Wednesday 27th March - Pirelli Factory Visit, organiser and contact: David Sygrove

Wednesday 10th April – Club Night

Sunday 28th April – Drive It Day organised by David Sygrove

Wednesday 8th May Club Night – A talk on the Life and Work of Sir Barnes Wallis –

see our webpages for more info

Wednesday 15th May – a visit to the RAF Scampton Ethos & Heritage Centre.

This year's Derbyshire Dales Peak Weekend is taking place over the weekend of 7th to 9th June 2019 and is based at the Palace Hotel, Buxton, organised as ever by Dave Worne.

For more details and more events, please see our webpages.

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