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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 293

TR Action 293

Publication Date 19th September 2016

Derbyshire Dales Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford says:

First off, welcome back to our Group Leader and Area director Dave Burgess who is undertaking a long programme of recovery following his major op. He has once again begun circulating, having attended the Silverstone Classic and attended at several of our Group meetings. It must have been the prospect of a beefburger at our annual barbeque wot dragged 'im out!

Second off, congrats toDarren and Wendy Salmon on tying the knot – Wendy has previously had plenty of long trips abroad in their TR6 to know what she has signed up to!

Meanwhile summer has arrived in style. The sun is blazing down as I write, and the asphalt of the roads is beginning to soften although not all of summer has been this way – last week the monthly meeting at The Amber saw most of us turning up with our hoods down but chasing the gaps in the showers. Come going home time it was definitely hoods-up for the homeward legs, though.

In terms of activity, a few of us in our TRs joined in with the Stag Group at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, well worth the trip in convivial company. And as usual we had a good turnout to the Silverstone Classic, including Mr Burgess and Phil (Pilot Light) Benson, apparently.

In the meantime what a prize-winning season our Group is having! First off Alan Hawley took the very well deserved Lincoln International Meguiars Concours d'Elegance prize in the Non-standard TR2/3A/ Derivatives for his immaculate powder blue TR3A. Yes, Alan, we were all on tenterhooks along with you when you were in the arena waiting to find out who had won. 'Nervous tension' does not quite describe it! (By the way, Alan was the third Derbyshire Dales Group member to win a concours at an International, previously having had Darren Salmon and Dave Burgess' names on the cup). This was followed by Barry Cockayne winning 'Best in Show' at the Langold Festival Classic Car Section, and Steve Buxton took the first prize (from a class of 50) for the pre-'73 Class at the Hebden Bridge Vintage Weekend.

Alan Hawley

Alan Hawley

Barry Cockayne

Steve Buxton

Finally, welcome to new members Simon and Sarah Cowling with their grey 1968 TR250, upgrading from more mundane motors such as their previous Aston Martin DB6 MkII, DB7GTA and DB9, and Richard and Jackie Eaton who are returning to classic motoring after 26 years with their '71 new white TR6.

Forthcoming Events.

Well, by the time of this magazine's publication a fair-sized contingent from the Derbyshire Dales Group will either be continuing to enjoy themselves at the Italian International, or be wending their way home, or, for those of us who went to the Goodwood Revival, another fantastic weekend will be yet another fading memory. But fingers crossed for plenty more late summer TR-ing days, so:

Oct 2nd – Last club run of the year – organized by Ian & Ryan Walker

Oct 12th – Club Night at The Amber Hotel – Quiz night (a.k.a. another Leicestershire Group raid and rob night) run by John & Lynne Biggin,

Dec 11th -Pre-Christmas lunch at the The Bateman's Mill Country Hotel & Restaurant, Old Tupton, organized by Alan and Val Jones.

Dec 14th - Club Night at The Amber Hotel

…and lots more!

Derbyshire Dales Group

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