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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 292

TR Action 292

Publication Date 8th August 2016

Derbyshire Dales Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford says:

It may not have been much of a summer so far this year, but things are warming up in the Derbyshire Dales at the moment. Virtually everywhere we turn there seems to be a classic car event on the go. Certainly, our 'big event' was the Derbyshire Dales Peak Weekend at Alison House, Cromford, organised by Dave Worne and Gwen Walvin. Many of us braved pouring rain and flooded roads to get there on the Friday. We arrived with a very sick TR6 with a badly misfiring engine and a non-functional speedo. Saturday dawned wet and miserable, and although the weather cleared and the sun shone on those who took the run through the Derbyshire villages and over the Weaver Hills to Froghall and the Railway Inn, our morning involved sorting the misfire and then running to Moss in Stockport for essentials – we were booked on the TR run to Southern Ireland on the Monday, so our priority was more a case of solving these issues. Back from our 'run' we re-joined the troupe at the Railway Inn, only for the misfire to recur, big style. Here the benefits of club membership kicked in. Mick Miller was the first to get involved in fault finding, soon joined by a small host of others willing to forgo a pint for the opportunity of playing with someone else's toolkit. At length the problem was resolved down to a dicky capacitor – which had been fitted, new, a few days before setting out – and a dodgy injector. Luckily we had spares of each, so got going again, not to miss a beat for the next 1000 miles – and beyond, hopefully.

The afternoon run took some to the Heage windmill, an operational six-sailed mill built in 1797, while others visited the nearby Churnet Valley steam railway.

We are sailing - Heage Windmill

'We are sailing - Heage Windmill'

The Saturday night dinner filled the Alison House restaurant to capacity, and as always, the dinner alone was worth the visit.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, and stayed so until the late afternoon when many were well on their way home. The day's run, however, took in more areas of the Derbyshire Dales and the Derbyshire White Peak, including part of the Peak District National Park (if you need to ask, you need to come and visit!). Yet more picturesque Derbyshire villages, finishing at Denby Potteries for a chance to buy samples, or, for the artistic and not-so, a chance to create a unique art piece and to see it being glazed and fired.

Meanwhile the TR Tours' run to Killarney in Southern Ireland went very well, hosted by Mick and Linda Forey.

'Next stop North America!'

The Derbyshire Dales Group had four cars there out of the assembly of 26 Triumphs and 51 participants, all staying in the five star Hotel Dunloe. No space here to go into raptures with regard to this beautiful part of a beautiful country, and the spectacular runs – no doubt a full article will appear in TR Action soon. The roads took their toll, though – they claimed a sheared shock absorber, a driver's side window bounced out of its channels, and a headlamp smashed by a reversing driver, but hey ho!

The road markings had us baffled, with long sections of road marked along the centre with either a single continuous white line, or a pair of continuous white lines. Apparently the single line means 'no overtaking, to be sure'. The double white line meanwhile means 'no overtaking, to be sure, to be sure'. And you think I'm joking?

Meanwhile the Derbyshire dales Group had a fair representation at the Leicestershire Group's 2016 Weekend – see the 'photo below of Ian Walker going for a duck(ing)!

'Ian Walker and Chris, flushed with enthusiasm'

Forthcoming Events: See the new Derbyshire Dales webpages for a full listing.

Aug 10th – Club Night, The Amber Hotel

Aug 14th – Crooked Spire Classic, Tally-Ho Run –

Sept 7th – Club Night, The Amber Hotel

Sept 11th – Club Run – Details online

And if this listing looks similar to that in TR Action 291 – yep, you're dead right. Looks like your scribe got ahead of himself that time!

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