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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 291

TR Action 291

Publication Date 27th June 2016

Derbyshire Dales Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford says:

Sadly, we have to report the passing away of Barry Boam, a long term and active member of the Derbyshire Dales Group. Condolences to Barry's family from all his friends in the Derbyshire Dales Group and from within the TR Register.

The social calendar is becoming somewhat frenetic at the moment, so there is not enough space in this issue of TR Action to describe all the events – please see our rapidly building website for a brief report of the events having been held. However we have included a 'photo taken in Chatsworth Park on Drive-It-Day, just to prove that we have been out-and-about!

In terms of activity within the Group, Alan H. is close to finishing his concourse-standard TR3a, having given it its first road trial. Realising that he is at risk of becoming bereft of a project, he has brought a TR4a from the 'States, ready to carry out another nut-and-bolt restoration once he has finished the TR3a. However, he is running out of garage space, so is anyone out there interested in an immaculate TR6?

Meanwhile, we intend to give the majority of this report over to welcome a whole tranche of new members: David Watwood and wife Andrea in their red X-reg TR7, who are new to TRs; Ian Hooper and Karen in their dark blue S-reg TR5, fairly new to classic cars unless you count MGs; Simon and Jane Scargill in their stage 2 rally-prepared powder blue TR4. They have a long history of classic car – and TR – ownership behind them; Steve and Susan Taylor have a TR3a under restoration and history with an award-winning Stag; Steve imported his TR3a from the 'States, but suspects, from its somewhat rusted condition, that it was dragged out from a swamp somewhere; and finally Simon and Janet Evans in their mimosa yellow TR6, again with an interesting history of classic car ownership behind them – Simon's first drive, as a qualified driver way-back-when, was in his brother's Stag – such fraternal trust! For any new members that I've missed out, apologies, I will catch up with you!

Meanwhile our Group Leader, Dave B., is out of the running for the present – his Consultant Specialist has refused him a heart transplant (good to know he has one) – Dave wanted a swap for a Bosch pump. So, he has to make do with a re-plumbing job. Dave is cogitating over copper or Kunifer for the pipework, but just hopes that his Consultant uses the correct joint-flaring tool and is careful with the blowtorch. All the best, Dave, we'll soon be seeing you bouncing back by the time this is printed!!

Note: Because of space constraints with the TR Action magazine, the piece below has not been submitted to TR Action for publication. However, we felt that there was enough of interest to include this within the Derbyshire Dales Webpages.

Drive It Day in April saw a run starting from the Grouse and Claret in Rowsley, organized by David S., with the route driving along some of Derbyshire's faster 'cruisy' roads and finishing at the finishing at the Queen Anne in Great Hucklow. We were joined by several new members who hopefully weren't put off by the rain shower at the very end of the run. However we have included a 'photo taken in Chatsworth Park on Drive-It-Day, just to prove we have been out-and-about!

The May meeting at the Amber Hotel included a fish n' chip run to Belper, organised by Peter J. and attended by nine TRs including a new-to-us TR7. The meeting was particularly busy as, besides a goodly number of regular attendees, about half of whom came along for the run to the chippy, we were also blessed by more new members and their cars – more anon.

May also saw a Sunday run to the Donington Park Military and Grand Prix Museums, organised by Alan H. and Maurice D., which made an interesting change from the usual type of run.

Forthcoming Events: See the new Derbyshire Dales webpages for a full listing.

Aug 10th – Club Night, The Amber Hotel

Aug 14th – Crooked Spire Classic, Tally-Ho Run –

Sept 7th – Club Night, The Amber Hotel

Sept 11th – Club Run – Details online

And lots more!!!!

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