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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 289

Derbyshire Dales Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford says:

Once again, the seasons have us totally confused. When I started to write this, the days were sunny and glorious, and a few of the Derbyshire Dales guys were 'chafing at the bit' trying to get their motors running and to get out on the highways. Long before I had finished writing (o.k., I'm a very slow one-finger typist) it was snowing and the gritters were out once again spreading their rust-worms. Meanwhile our local farmers have started their lambing season, and, by the time you read this, these lambs will almost be ready for market. So drive gently through these Dales, chaps – don't frighten the poor little things out of their short but frolicsome lives!

Otherwise, as we passed through the dark days of winter, we got on with things TR. The January Annual Dinner Dance at the White Hart went well, with 48 attendees, including some very welcome visitors from Leicester and East Riding. This year saw a new award, of 'Nut of the Year', going to Alan Wilkinson for his memorable journey through Norway in his diesel '6', with attendant epic and heroic mishaps en-route.

Dave Burgess organised the event, and arranged for a brilliant band, The Pitz, who managed to get everyone onto the dance floor at some stage. Despite rumours otherwise, I know I saw Dave Worne approach the dance floor, with some trpidation, but ready to join the throng. However, just as he was ready to make his first ecstatic dance moves, the group finished their piece and Dave was forced to return from whence he came. Nice try, Gwen – better luck next year!

February saw our AGM at The Amber Hotel, with no riots or changes other than Alan Jones taking over from Peter Jenkinson as Webmaster – many thanks, though, to Peter, for his management of this.

As with most TR'ers, we have all been occupied with differing levels of fettling and maintenance. The coming bright sunny days of spring will be the proof as to the effectiveness of some of this work. One project of certain note is Alan Hawley's TR3a, which started out as a LH drive American import, and, some two years later is now a nut-and-bolt upwards, totally refurbished, RH drive, immaculate, almost complete project, undoubtedly due to see the road this coming summer

Alan's TR3a – with engine!

Apparently if anyone needs advice on removing and refitting the engine of a TR3a, Alan is a well-practised expert – but there lies another tale!

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