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Greetings Cumbria Group,

Newsletter 5/21.

So, nice to be able to open a newsletter on a happy note, and wish Andy and Margaret Many Congratulations on their recent wedding, lets hope they have many happy years together.

Looking Over the last few weeks, we've been out and about. Few of us, travelled down to Oulton Park for Gold Cup Sunday, Our Autumn Leaves run took us up into the hills, on what was a very wet day, and then we were overnighting down near Derby. Plan was To skip motorways and drive over Saddleworth Moor and on into the Peak District, returning by different roads to North of Manchester. Good trip this, and chuck in the visit to, 'The Great British Car Museum' well worth seeing, meant for some good times, must remember to keep away from the little borough/Rochdale area on a Friday Afternoon in term time, thought some little darlings were going to climb over the TR, let alone surround it!

One other run to mention. When we learned that Cumbria Group friends, John and Kay Blake from Devon, were holidaying on our patch, near Carlisle, we put together an extra days outing.

Led by Malcolm Monkhouse, and planning to head into SW Scotland,

For whatever the reason, Malcolm's leadership, the weather, The Blakes, making the run a Wednesday or the area, we mustered fourteen cars at the start, a great day, and confirmation that we are still out there wanting to TR, in our great part of the world.

I mention this, because overall, since the pandemic, we are down on numbers on our jaunts, this seems to be universal throughout the movement, and I'm sure there are many reasons, e.g, not having an agreed annual programme to enable folk to plan is I'm sure a large part, plus confidence in venturing out again, simply getting out of the habit of hobbying and so on.

All this means that the next meeting, our planning meet with a pub lunch at Crooklands on November 7th, is SO important. Organised by Peter Bonsall, and following previous years format, Meet from noon onwards, in a private room, Peter will be in touch with menu choices prior to the day, and we can start to work on 2022's programme, and put this awful two years behind us.

As you all know, we lost Peter Guy in the summer. His TR 3A is now up for sale, at a very realistic price, with MOT, and no advisories, and ready to go, so if you know of anyone thinking about a sidescreen car, they will struggle to find better, it drives beautifully, very comfortable and with a perfect chassis - I've never seen better.

Ken Wilson and I have also been sorting Peters garage, loads of stuff, both TR related and D-I-Y in general, and there is a lot!

As examples, 4 x 5lt unopened cans of 20;50, other oils, tools, trolley jacks, a new small compressor, still boxed headlamp conversion set, an as new battery, and so much more. Daphne has generously given all of this to our group. There is not enough to hold a garage sale, so what I propose is to chuck a car load in the saloon and bring it all to Crooklands on the seventh, Sold on a first come, first served basis, at very little money, and all for club funds, anything not sold will just go for disposal, so grab a bargain or two, as examples, 5lt oil, say £3.00? Peters full CB rig, everything including the, 'Mag mount,' £10, and you will find a pound or two will buy most other stuff.

It will be a real shame to just tip these things, that were part of Peter's Tr'ing, so over to you lot.

Lastly for 2021, our annual, (Well not last year) celebration lunch at Lyzzic Hall Hotel, overlooking Bassenthwaite. Saturday, NB;- Saturday December the 4th, 12.30 for 1.00PM. For some time now, it has been Cumbria Group tradition, to invite as our guests folk who have contributed to the years activities. Our guests this year, covering 2020 as well as 2021 are;-

Anne Whitehaed Helen Reed Nan Amor

Carol Moreton Viv Bayliffe Ann Sindle

Doreen Morrison Mark Powley Ruth Monkhouse.

Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone.

Dave Couling is the man who arranges everything here, so he needs to know everyone who is coming, and prepayment to him before the day, means he, can confirm numbers, and does not need to be phaffing about on the Saturday and so can also enjoy the event. Cost for all, but the above, will be around £32.00 Per Person, ring Dave's on 01228 710515 to tellhim you are coming and sort payment. On a final note on today, most will remember Chris Wilson used to supply a Home Made Christmas Cake, as a raffle prize, for club funds. Ken tells me that Ken and Chris's daughter, Angela, has the recipe and is going to carry on the tradition, thought this was a lovely thing, and thanks goes to Angela, as well as Ken, who once again will be tasked with the careful driving needed to deliver said cake safely.

All this should Wrap up, 2021, so lets 'Kick off ' 2022 the way we mean to carry on, with a New Years Day Run! We have in the past had fabulous days running down through the near empty roads of the Lake District, to a light lunch at The Lakeland Motor Museum, at Newby Bridge. Let me know who is up for this, nearer the time, and I'll sort a rendezvous to suit.

Sunday January 23rd, is the combined MG and Triumph Spares Day, this year held at Telford. In recent years we have made this an overnighter, and enjoyed a leisurely weekend, including putting the world to rights over an evening meal.

So far I have the following travelling;-

Jim Milligan Mark Sindle Ken Wilson.

Dave Couling Rex Harrison

Now I know there were one or two more, but I have lost my list, so if you want to come, you need to tell me, if you want me to sort accommodation etc.

Finally Peter Bonsall has a pair of MX5 seats for sale, complete with runners,

Dark Grey fabric, with separate headrests, ring Peter for info;- 07739 820641

He also has a quantity of Motorsport Mags, free to anyone interested.

As ever,

if there is anything - just ask.


Cumbria TRs Group

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