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Greetings Cumbria Group,

Newsletter 2/21.

So, the end is sight, most of us are of an age where we have had the jab, and we can look to getting back to normal life.

Looking at the proposed route plan out of lockdown, the dates, changes are proposed and what they are in detail, has allowed us to put some events in place, these are the dates you need to have:-

IF, and it is still an if, the government changes planned for May 17th, happen on May 17th, then we could undoubtedly enjoy our camping trip in England. If - that's another If, the Scottish easing of lockdown, mirrors the English one, and at the moment it is slightly ahead of England, then we should be able to go camping to Fort William. The Dates for that are Wednesday May 19th to Sunday 23rd. we can only hope this happens, and plan that it will!

Now Dinner Bed and Breakfast at Riverdale hall Hotel, Bellingham. Contacted the hotel, with a view to trying to revamp our twice cancelled overnighter from last year,

and already they have few opportunities left. Bearing this in mind, and whilst on the telephone, I took the chance to reserve 10 double rooms on a D, B & B basis for Saturday Night May 29th. This was one of only three nights I could have chosen with the space of ten rooms. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noted that this is the Saturday Night following our, hopefully, return from Fort William, not ideal, but I took what was on offer.

So we have ten rooms, doubles or twins, rate is the same as 2019 i.e. £79.00 PP,

D,B & B. let me know as soon as possible that you are coming. Once again, by May 29th, Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants should be trading pretty much normally, with bars and restaurants open, so get back to me.

Finally, June 21st, is the planned date for total removal of all restrictions, so something we have not done before, Peter Bonsall, (Many Thanks Peter) has reserved the room at Crooklands, normally used for our meetings, for us to enjoy a private lunch.

1.00PM on Wednesday 23rd June. Menus for choices to follow nearer the time, but I see this as a great opportunity for a group catch-up, and a natter, not business just an 'Hello'

We have both offers to host something (Thank You to All) and some dates to fill, we will marry these two things, but if anybody else would like to host or suggest an event for the group this summer, let me know.

The IWE, August 13th - 15th, and back at Malvern looks to be an absolute cracker, and the following Sunday that's the 22nd is the rescheduled spares Day (Moved from April).

The round Britain tour of TS2, has been postponed until next summer.

As ever folks, get in touch.


Cumbria TRs Group

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