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CUMBRIA TR GROUP NEWS LETTER 6/20 51 Castlesteads Drive Sandsfield Park CARLISLE CA2 7XD Tel;- 01228 497861/07775 944 786 15th. November 2020. TR Register Cumbria Group "Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere" Greetings Cumbria Group, Newsletter 6/20. Firstly I need to bring to the group, the very sad news, that Rip Pearson's wife Janet, passed away last week. Janet had been poorly for some while. I'm sure you all join with me, in sending Rip and his family our sincere condolences at this very sad time. Now, not quite the newsletter with no news, but close, this really concerns some overdue group housekeeping, and to bring you all up to speed with some forward thinking. Clearly it will be some time before we, get back to normality, and I would urge you all to keep the cars rolling, and perhaps join with a local fellow TR'er, obviously following the ruling guidelines of the day, for a catch up, and some much needed distraction from all that is around just now. Our natter day at Crooklands would have sufficed, and it is a shame that it could not be, that said we can at least cover some of the 'Business' that would have been discussed. Likewise Lyzzic Hall as been cancelled by the hotel, but Dave Couling, will re-book our lunch A.S.A.P. in 2021 Firstly, I recently let the group have a 'Flyer' about our need to move on the Crypton Tuner, donated to the group by Paul Down, some years ago now. We had a number of offers to store the machine, and a couple of suggestions from folk as to possible new permanent homes. Amongst the offers was one from Jon Nolan. Most of you will have met Jon, at various events, such as, Ken and Chris Wilson's Tea, or indeed our last trip to le Mans, Jon, a classic car man through and through, has started his own classic car repair business, Kelbrooke Classics near Skipton. He offered to buy the tuner from us, and furthermore to invite the group to an open day at his business, whereby we can look at what happens, and at the same time, have our cars tuned on the Crypton. I thought this by far and away the best option, especially as Jon, from former employment, has the skills to both repair, if needed, and maintain the tuner, so I accepted and the machine is now down in Yorkshire, and we have £50.00 in club funds, we'll sort the day at Kelbrooke sometime next year. So, to group business. I have contacted all the officers of the group, namely;- Anne Whitehead, ..................................Group Secretary. Peter Bonsall,........................................ Membership. Dave Couling,........................................Accounts. Brian Pugh,............................................South Cumbria Representative Mark Sindle,..........................................Group Website and also our CB Radio man. All the above are happy to remain in office for 2021. ...and for myself, I also am happy to be the Cumbria group Leader for another 12 months. My thanks goes to all the folk who help, together they make our group, just what it is - a cracking crowd of like minded folk. I mention Mark is our CB man, if you have any Group CB equipment, can you let him know. Group leaders guidelines from HO state that we should have a group inventory of equipment etc., think this is a good idea, we have spent a not insignificant amount on club gazebos etc., so I will get on top of this. To help I need to move some group stuff that we have bought in the past and no longer need. We have a large standard B.B.Q., used once or twice at IWE's and we also have a container of Patio/BBQ gas from when we had a gas BBQ, again used at IWEs. Photo's attached for email recipients. Can I suggest that if you can use these, first come first served, a small contribution to club funds would suffice. If you would have been likely to offer to host a group day next in 2021, then let me know, and a time of year that would suit, and I'll attempt to put something of a provisional programme together, provisional being the operative here, but we can make a start. Looking at next year I've just heard that Stoneleigh spares day isn't, at Stoneleigh but will be going ahead at The Telford Exhibition Centre on Sun 7th Feb. Just when we had visiting Stoneleigh as good as could be! inexpensive accommodation, eating and drinking (Not me) on site and 3mls from the showground. Anyhow with all the provisos applicable to our world at the moment, who wants an overnighter? and I'll try and put something together? Finally at last, something to look forward too. The club is once again planning a round Britain Tour of, TS 2, (The first ever RHD TR.) and the plan is that we will receive the car from Red Rose Group on June 22nd, and pass it on to Clyde Valley Group on the 24th. Some of you will remember a similar exercise in 2007, that many of us enjoyed so much. Keep your diaries clear, its early days but we will do something special. Stay safe and well, all John

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