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TR Register Cumbria Group

"Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere"

Greetings Cumbria Group,

Newsletter 4/20.

Well we are getting by, Social Distancing and all!

Firstly, I'd like to put on record, that I thought Anne Whitehead, wrote a cracking CG

Social Scene Report for TR Action 322, I thought the comparison was marked against

a lot of groups who simply did not bother, so 'Thank You,' Anne, and now 'Topped'

by 323!

Thanks to some great Cumbria Group folk, we have had, not 1, not 2, but 3, Picnics in

the last few weeks, and all with precautions such as;- Being Outdoor-(ish), Social

Distancing and Track and Trace meaning they were as safe and therefore as enjoyable

as could be, all good stuff, I would also say that I very much doubt that any TR

Register Group has had a better time this last few weeks than CG.

Sunday last we also met for the first time, David and Clare Irwin, thanks to you two

for swinging by, and you know where we are for the future, you'll be welcome


So to the next few weeks;-

We will put something together for our next regular club day, Sept 6th, you never

know, might be a Picnic!

Then it is our adventure weekend, based as usual at Fort William Sept 16th to 20th.

Guess there is no need for me to write that things can change but at the moment, it's a

go! Facilities are all back open, and the site has adopted a policy of 50% occupancy to

ensure there is lots of space for us all.

Those I have so far coming to Fort William;-

Mark and Ann Sindle, Jim McVey and Anne Whitehead and Ken in Pods.

Jim and Joyce Milligan, *Doreen and John Morrison in Caravans.

Phil Charleson, Mark Powley, Rex Harrison and Peter Guy, doing proper camping.

*I have warned Doreen about the mad axe man that lives up the Glen, the bears that

come onto the site at night as well as the poisonous snakes and midges.

but she insists on coming this year.

Of course we have others who are still trying to decide about the trip, 2020 is that

kind of year, but we will need to organise things differently this year, and the situation

whereby you could almost arrive at the meet on the day unannounced will not work.

The campsite need written notice of all who plan to stay, and pre-payment in advance

this year, so what you all need to do, is confirm to me, by Sept 6th, at the latest, your

plans to come, or indeed to drop out this year, gives me a day or two to sort the admin

etc., please be aware that telling me by the 6th. you are joining us, commits you


The following weekend was supposed to be our trip out to Spa, for the 6 hr endurance

race weekend, but I can still get no information, as to whether or not the event will

happen, and if it did whether or not they will allow spectators, so I think, for this year

we have to admit defeat on this.

Finally, W/e Oct 3/4th. Our rescheduled Bellingham overnight DB & B Trip, so far I

have the following coming;-

Jim and Joyce, Brian and Carol, Alan and Catherine, Jim and Anne, Rex, Ken, Doreen

and Me.

These are the only folk who have committed to the weekend so far, if there is anyone

else thinking about coming, let me know by say Sept 28th., to give the hotel some


IWE announced for next 2 years Malvern in 2021 (W/E June 4th) and Stafford in

2022 both joint with TSSC, thinking we might do Saturday/Sunday next year, I know

its a long way off, but note the earlier dates for 2021.

Now whilst chatting to Jim and Anne at Viv's, about 2020, Covid 19 and all, I

mentioned how much I had missed a Continental Jaunt this year and muttered about a

pop over the channel next year and do some of France.

Jim and Anne, put some thoughts down on paper.

Now that's as far as it has got, nothing firm, no dates etc., but thought I would

'Sew the Seed,' and we can discuss at the November Meeting.

As ever, any Questions, just ask.


Cumbria TRs Group

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