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Greetings Cumbria Group,

Newsletter 3/20.

So, Cumbria Group Newsletters, starting to feel like London Double Decker Buses, insomuch as that you wait ages for one, and then a stream all seemingly at once!

So Firstly, the enthusiasm for our overnight to Bellingham, was somewhat underwhelming, understandably I suppose, so that has been cancelled, and the following has been adopted for our programme for the foreseeable;-

I need to say here a big, 'Thank You,' for the members who came forward after my request for suggestions for suitable Picnic Sites, you will remember the discussion that picnics seem to be the best option for safely getting back into Tr'ing any time soon.

The next three CG Meets, including an extra day, to some way to make up all that we have missed will be picnics,

Those dates are;-

July 5th.

July 28th., and

August 2nd.

All have three different sites, all have toilet facilities, and adequate shelter, with space for us all should the weather choose to be unkind! I tell you, without fear of contradiction, these three venues, all different, all special, will just 'Blow you Away'

Planning our usual hour or so, run prior to dining, and the rendezvous points will be decided nearer the day, dependant on toilet facilities available at the meet point.

So to discus in detail, staying safe on these picnics. We will provide sanitizer and sanitising wipes. Because we are visiting homes, it is beholden on us to leave everything as safe as we find it, so any visit to a loo, will require it be left safe for anyone following, door handles, cistern handles, taps to be wiped down by the user, and I think everyone should bring their own hand towel or paper towels, again to stay safe.

I will also take note of everyone on the day, so that should the worst happen, and subsequently I am advised that one of the crowd has the virus, or indeed even symptoms, then I will undertake to inform all who participated.

The nature of picnics is that they are in the open, social distancing, at the distance You are comfortable with, will be no problem, couple this with the fact that the virus does not do well in the open, means that I think together with the measures mentioned above, these outings will be as safe as possible.

To the rest of the year;-

At the moment Glen Nevis Campsite at Fort William, is hoping to open, albeit with as yet unknown restrictions, from July 15th.

So I think we have a good chance of enjoying our Adventure Weekend in Mid- September, (Wed 16th to Sun 20th)

The 6 Hour Endurance Race Weekend at Spa, in September, is as I write, still on.

Now my guess would be that should the event be a 'Go,' then it will be much larger than usual, many folk in Europe realising that this is likely to be the only proper classic car racing event on the continent this year, so with this in mind, who wants to go, think we really need to be thinking about this now?

Many of you, will, I know, like Doreen and myself, and despite the valid reasons, be disappointed not to be having the overnight at Bellingham. So whilst cancelling our July trip, I have taken the opportunity to book some rooms for Saturday October 3rd. on a D B & B Basis.

First come first served, I reserved eight rooms, We'll will need one, that leaves seven,

everything we do this year, has to carry a caveat but we can't not plan stuff, so let me know if you want to come.

Sunday October 4th, is our planned Autumn Leaves Run, so this thinking simply expands that day into a weekend!

Some more difficult than usual things this year, but let me know if you want to go to Spa, let me know if you want to go to Bellingham in October, and I'll be in touch about a rendezvous for our July 5th Picnic.

As ever folks, I'm only a call or mail away.

Stay well,


Cumbria TRs Group

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