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Tel;- 01228 380688/07775 944786 10th November 2019.

TR Register Cumbria Group,

"Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere"

Newsletter 5/19.

Greetings one and all,

Latest on Christine is that she is still in Carlisle Hospital, fighting the infection she

contracted there, this looks like its going to be a long job.

Now Christine is destined to spend her 70th birthday, on Nov 22nd, probably still on,

'Nil by Mouth', so what about swamping her with birthday cards? post them to Ken or

me and we'll sort.

So to the rest of 2019;-

We had a really fruitful November meeting, star of the day was of course Mark Clark,

who sacrificed his day off to come and give us some insight into staying safe in our

cars whilst out and about really useful! He also took the opportunity to bring his

growing and lovely family to say 'Hello,' tells me he is looking for 6 - 12 months

boiler suits!

We did also conduct some club business, helping to make the forth coming AGM,


We completed almost all of the 2020 programme, so thanks to all who have offered to

be involved. We also revised our Group Trophies, The 'Sammy ' has been consigned

to club history, as we unanimously agreed to purchase a new trophy to be known as,

'The Chris Harrison-Beck Memorial Trophy.'

We also agreed to rebrand what has been known as, 'The Reliability Award,' into

something with a positive rather than a negative theme, perhaps most improved TR,

or TR'er?

If you haven't confirmed to Dave C. that you want to come to our Fine dining Event,

then its now or never! tell Dave! Time on the day 12.30 for 1.00PM.

...and into 2020, I still have a couple of beds to go for Stoneliegh Spares Day, night of

Saturday 8th February, D B & B.


Cumbria TRs Group

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