Cornwall Group - The Victory Grand Tour Coast to Coast 2019

Cornwall Group - The Victory Grand Tour Coast to Coast 2019

Pete and Ju Probst have been following this fund-rasing event and here is their report on the final day of this year's tour.

We were planning to go to Events Square in Falmouth on Sunday to see the Cape to Cape Classic Car Rally runners. Late on Saturday evening we had a call from Nigel and Rose Stephens inviting us to meet at Alverton Manor Truro at 9:30 and join the last leg from Truro to Cape Cornwall! The Navigator was happy and we were not going to refuse this one.

An amazing array of vehicles including XK120 , Bentley, E Type, TR2,4,5 and two 6s, MX5, Stag, Rover, very rare Austin 1000 pickup, and more were gathered at the Alverton. The Rally raises funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The 43 cars and their driver and navigator had started at Cape Trafalgar near Cadiz in Southern Spain and had a fairly gruelling run. Added to the rally was getting to the start. Many had been booked on the ferry to Bilbao which had the fire and was cancelled. They had to drive from Roscoff down to the start, bringing their mileage up to about 3,500. There had been some vehicles drop out with terminal mechanical failures, which is why a motley group of hangers on were invited for the last day.

The 43 cars left the Alverton every minute, and followed the planned route to the Royal Oak at Perranwell Station where a leisurely coffee and chat stop was made. The camaraderie of these people is amazing, stories of vehicle and occupant bravery and success abound. Then onto Events Square in Falmouth, where the entrants and hangers on (Ferrari, E type, TR6 included) were displayed. A band, Lieutenant Lapenotiere (the officer who brought the news of the great victory and of Nelson's death at Trafalgar in 1805), the Mayor of Falmouth, families of entrants and bemused and interested tourists and bystanders were all present, a real carnival atmosphere. Just after one o'clock the smell of raw fuel and engine oil and the sound of burbling engines echoed around the square as the cars left to go via Porthleven, Marazion and Penzance to Cape Cornwall. This was the completion of the Cape to Cape Victory Rally 2019.

The support team, marshals and organisers of the event must be highly congratulated. It was a privilege to join in and be get caught up in the action. Maybe us in two years time ...... (who knows?). Elated participants then returned to the Alverton Manor Hotel for the Gala dinner, presentations and celebration.

The following is from the website:

The Grand Tour Cape to Cape's goal is raising awareness and fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support. Dennis Greenslade from Cornwall organised the 1st Cape to Cape in 2004. His love of motor cars and motor sport, fascination with maps and experience of rallying led to organising what has now become one of the toughest classic car tours in Europe. He decided to combine this challenge of driving older cars from one end of a country to another with raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Dennis has seen first-hand the wonderful care, support and comfort that Macmillan provides. The 1st event, Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath, raised an amazing £32,000.

The amount raised from the 2019 Rally was £87,834, bringing the total raised since 2004 to a figure in excess of £800,000 !

Pete and Ju Probst May 2019

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