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TR Register Cleveland Group AGM 2020 - *** REMINDER ***

TR Register Cleveland Group AGM 2020 - *** REMINDER ***

An apology and a reminder all rolled into one...

Ideally you would have just received the latest TR Action, and there should be a mention of our AGM.

Unfortunately the magazine appears to have been delayed a little from its original scheduled mailing. This means the reminder of our AGM will reach you a little too late.

So, please let me apologise that when you do receive your magazine, some of the content will be a bit redundant!

In the meantime, I will remind you that our AGM is on Tuesday 4th February at the MDMC venue.

You will find all the details here.

Note the slightly earlier than normal start time (7:30pm). Come along and listen to Alan's talk about the history of the Triumph and Standard marques. All members attending will receive a Cleveland Group grille badge.

Look forward to seeing you.

Cleveland Group

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