Brunel TRs - Drive It Day

Brunel TRs - Drive It Day

The Drive-It-Day quiz winner was Tim Carr who was the first to correctly identified the mystery car below as a Jaguar E Type.

With all but essential travel being discouraged this year, Drive It Day has become a little different.No route maps or directions required; our journey is to the end of the drive where we take a well-earned rest then after checking we have enough fuel for the journey back we drive all the way back into the garage.Even those whose cars aren’t road worthy are able to join in, and the owner of a bare chassis on blocks was able to claim he made the same journey all but a few yards.

This is one of the largest group turnouts I can remember, so thanks to everyone who took part.

There are a number of quite imaginative images in the gallery including Derek "Brunel" Lee, some sad looking TRs in their homes, some let out on the drive, some sharing pictures of what their pride and joy used to look like, some with their stable mates.

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