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Brunel TRs - WhatsApp Group

Brunel TRs - WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Brunel TRs Group

There has been a strong response to setting up this group with a number of members sharing thoughts, stories, banter, and pictures to help get us through these rather confined times.There are quite a few joiners who we don’t often see at meetings or events so this is probably quite a good way for all of us across the group to keep in touch.So, for anyone who missed the email I sent when opening the group and would like to see what it is all about the joining instructions are repeated here.

WhatsApp is a free app for sending texts, pictures and videos to individuals and groups using your mobile phone, it is ideal for members of clubs to keep in touch.You need to put the app on your mobile phone and can use it just as you would send and receive ordinary texts to individuals, but this lets you send to groups.

To join the Brunel group you have 4 options:

1. Follow this link on your phone:

2. Scan the QR code (if you have a QR Reader app on your phone):

3. Send me a text on 07772 330220 asking to be added.

4. Or, send an email asking to be added to me at

When in WhatsApp just select Chats at the bottom of your screen, then select the Brunel group and you are ready to type a message in the box at the bottom of your phone screen “Hi everyone” is a fairly traditional start!

Messages you send will appear in a coloured box on the right, all other messages will be white on the left.You don’t need to sign off at the end of your message as WhatApp will put your name in the header just above your text when you send it.

When you receive an alert from WhatsApp and open the app.If the sender is in your phones contacts list the message will show the name you gave the senders phone number, if the sender isn’t in your contacts it will use the name the sender used when setting up their account.

To reply to a message please remember to swipe it right and select reply, then everyone can see you are replying to a specific message.If you just start typing a reply in the box at the bottom nobody will know you are replying to another text, and particularly in large groups members will get a bit confused.

Our grandson said we should also have rigidly enforced rules and expel anyone who breaks them, that’s teenagers for you.We aren’t having rules, but just be aware that your audience could be any of the ladies and gentlemen members of the TR Register allocated to Brunel, and about 25 Brunel Group friends like Lesley Swain, past members, members of other groups, TR Traders, and others with an interest in our group.

Feel free to skip this step, but if you are feeling adventurous you can also use it on your Mac, PC, or tablet. Just go to and follow the instructions.

Brunel TRs Group

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