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Newsletter (Round Robin) August 2020 #2

Newsletter (Round Robin) August 2020 #2

Rule of (6)!

Hi there everyone,
hope you are all well and still keeping busy.

This message was supposed to have details of a possible run out, maybe a socially distanced meal, another club night and a Christmas meet. However as I was composing this Boris introduced his “Rule of 6” from next Monday.

Now here’s a thought how did he get that catchy phrase? I have a vision of him doing the 2am feed for his son with a baby's bottle in one hand and “How to adjust your tappets” in the other.

Anyway, I have made a tentative booking for a VERY well socially distanced Christmas meal at The Manger on Friday 18th of December. That is of course if the rules change and we can meet and if you wish to have such a meet. The Manger are currently limiting the number in the restaurant to 30 at well spaced tables which would be fine for the numbers we normally have.

If any of you have any stories of triumph or woe with your cars let us know.

So, as someone else said “that’s all folks”, keep well.


Stewart Hurrell, 01787-282176,

Abbott and Stour Group

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