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TR Action 323 - July 2020

Hello there, hope you are all well, I know that some of you are all fighting fit and raring to go as I am phoning on a regular basis (it's not harassment honest just to make sure things are OK). As I write this some aspects of lock-down are being eased and some "non essential" shops are being opened. It's been strange that I can buy cat food but no waxoyl - must get a cat. These last few weeks I have been going to our village shop for the essentials armed with a face mask, hand gel and a copy of TR Action. Why the TR Action? Because so many people, some complete strangers, seem to want to come very close to me now but I find that a full arms length with a furled copy of the magazine will deter them all; another reason to be a member.

Anyway what's been happening?
Vince has been beavering away in his metal clad garage, the results are that his "new" TR4 is getting there courtesy of parts from the "road going 4" and Vince is now down to a svelte 10 stone (metric versions are available) due to the 75 degree plus heat we have been experiencing.
Another very good looking TR6 is now back on the road as it has been re-built to standard spec from a modified carbs etc. purchase.
As I strive to beat boredom I have now set-to in the garage. All door locks and hinges on the side door have been cleaned and oiled, the main door (a rolling up version) has been washed as any dirt caught in the crevices will scratch the surface and the runners cleaned with WD40 and then lightly re oiled.
I must be getting bored, but looking at the floor, which was painted 30 years ago I decided that it needed re-sealing as salt and oil - yes my TR does have the occasional incontinent accident had marked it.
First, decide on the colour that you are going to finish it with. A bright red looked a good idea when I had a black car and a grey car, when I changed to a bright yellow MX5 California it probably was not the best idea I had ever had!
First fill in any holes with a cement mixture, when dry brush out the dirt with a good supply of soapy water. Leave to dry, and then comes the bit that you might not want the neighbours to see (they already think you are weird as you have a car with no air con, you have to wind the windows up-or even put them in the slots, and play your music on tapes). Wire brush any loose paint, concrete, bird poo etc. and get the hoover out and clean.
Next, paint with concrete sealer, a 2.5 litre can will do a double garage. Leave to dry for a couple of days, hoover, then apply the top coat. For this you will need 5 litres for two coats, hoover between coats and leave to dry and harden for at least 5 days.
Two words of warning, paint the first coat from the front of the garage to the back and the second coat from one side to the other - this will eradicate any annoying bare concrete pockets appearing from a one direction approach. Second warning, as you paint the first coat, do remember to take the cassette case from the shelf at the rear of the garage in order to be able to put the cassette in it from the player that is at the front of the garage! This should cost no more than £60/£70 pounds for a double garage.
As lock-down eases we may start to have some social-distancing-meets but I will let you know by Round Robin as and when.
I am now going to have the most exciting afternoon for weeks and go and get some fuel for the car.

Stewart Hurrell, 01787-282176,

Abbott and Stour Group

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