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Newsletter (Round Robin) April 2020

"All revved up and nowhere to go"

(for non Country music fans that's a line from a Gretchen Wilson song) - just seems apt.

First, hope you are all OK and not getting too bored. Cars are clean, garage has been hoovered - no I am not joking - and I will probably have to learn how to drive again when this is over. The lack of spontaneity, of being able to get in the car whenever you want is the real pain.
Anyway I have received a message from Leanne at TRGB who says that they are open for on line mail order, repairs, service, stores, MOT and technical advice. They are NOT open for counter sales. Payment transactions will be done via the phone. Car deliveries and collections are by appointment only. Any queries please ring on 01487842168 or e-mail

With all this time on our hands do let me know what you are getting up to car wise, one plucky member has changed the exhaust system on his 7 all by himself, not so easy as a previous owner looks to have used non standard parts which caused a bit of rummaging in various "it will come in handy bins". Maybe we can collate the funniest/weirdest bits for an article in a coming TRAction.

Keep safe .

Stewart Hurrell, 01787 282176.

Abbott and Stour Group

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