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Newsletter (Round Robin) March 2020 #2 (Postponement)

Round Robin re Drive it Day and Club Nights

Hello there everyone

in accordance with TR Register advice and as a common sense precaution, I am letting you know that Drive it Day for our group must be postponed. This is due to the facts that we cannot guarantee that any hostelery en route will be open for lunch or even that the final meeting place will be available. There is also the consideration that having spent so much time looking after aging vehicles its probably best if we spend some time looking after ourselves (apologies to those younger members of our Group).

Similarly it would seem best practice to suspend club nights for the forseable future, again due to meeting places possibly being unavailable.

Sorry about this but I will let you all know when life can get back on track.

Regards Stewart Hurrell
Group Leader Abbott and Stour

01787 282176.

Abbott and Stour Group

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