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Newsletter (Round Robin) July 2019 #2

Helmingham and Club Night

So one of the largest and in my mind, the best shows is due on Sunday 4th August at Helmingham, we shall be meeting as usual at Beacon Hill services which is at the A14/A140 junction, meeting at 8.30 am for a departure around 8.45 to arrive at Helmingham en masse. If you are interested please contact Peter Hudspith at or 01440 707847 entrance is free but we normally give a £10.00 per car donation to their nominated charity.

Second event is our group Show and Shine at next club night Tuesday 13th August . This is the chance to win one of the coveted trophies which have now acquired a lovely patina (probably because the embarrassed recipients have stored them at the back of a garden shed)

Stewart Hurrell,, 01787 282176

Abbott and Stour Group

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