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TRAction 310 - December 2018

By the time you read this the show season will have finished and I will be trying to spot the decent days in order that I can take the TR out for its final top down blasts of the year. Autumn and winter is sometimes the best time to enjoy our cars with top down, bobble hat on and the promise of a cup of coffee and cake mid drive.

16/Sep/2018 - Henham Steam Rally

Sunday 16th September saw a small but select band at Henham Steam Rally . As the title suggests it was mainly for steam power but has grown into classic cars and bikes with family friendly events , the duck shepherding with dogs has to be seen to be believed! Its frightening to see a steam powered saw mill in operation , no health and safety in those days . Peter and Maureen Hudspith were in the ring with the Peerless to maintain A &S tradition of being in the forefront of shows.

23/Sep/2018 - Breakfast at Hillcrest Nurseries Stanton

Yet another breakfast meeting was held on Sunday 23rd September at Hillcrest Nurseries Stanton with good food and company including member John Mc Farland(more of whom later).I am always on the lookout for new venues in our area for the breakfast club so if you know of any please let me know . The rules are fairly simple , reasonably easy to get to with ample parking , small local business and a good range of locally sourced food.The staff need to be accommodating as we are there for a couple of hours.

7/Oct/2018 - Aldeburgh Run

Our planned run out on 7th of October had to be cancelled as, unfortunately, parking was a problem. This is where John stepped in at very short notice. He is also a member of East Anglian Practical Classics car club who were having their annual Aldeburgh run on the same day and had space for a few cars. As other members had made alternative arrangements three cars attended, ourselves plus Vince and Debbie in the 4 which sounds good after its engine rebuild and Rob and Rosie in their 6. This causes lots of confusion as Rob's 6 and mine are very similar and it has been known for one of us to try and put their belongings in the others car. Leaving home we met up at The coach and Horses in Melton for coffee and bacon or sausage butties and to look at the cars in the car park. We were placed next to a Bentley that made the 6 look like a dinky toy (at least I can have the roof down on mine!) Then on to Aldeburgh where we parked up with a wide range of cars, everything from very early MG to Aston Martins, 2CV and early Mustang-a really good turnout. John had his TR 5 there in its powder blue colour which really seems to fit this car better than any other TR model. A walk to Thorpe Ness for lunch was followed by a viewing of "The Scallop" artwork on the beach, good piece but just think of the number of body panels that could have been made from all of that metal.

October 9th Club Night was one of Bob's quizzes, and didn't he do well with a real challenge. If you have not participated before these do get the grey matter working.

Coming up:
1 Club nights 2nd Tuesday of each month
2 AGM 8th of January 8.00 pm at The Manger, see Round Robin e-mail for details but two positions are up for candidates. If you have not received the message please contact me on 01787282176 or e mail
3 Not the Christmas Christmas Dinner on Friday 18th January at The Manger, again contact me for menu and details.

Stewart Hurrell

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