Wally's & Bob's Big Quiz

Wally's & Bob's Big Quiz

TR Action 305 to be published 23/April/2018

By the time you read this Spring will be here(hopefully). Rather like hibernating bears A&S members are now venturing out. For the first time in two weeks I took my car out yesterday having been unable to do so by The Beast from the East and subsequent rain. Brilliant drive but the potholes are now getting silly.

February 11th saw David Tydeman marshalling at The Holbeck Trial , this is a great event as it is local to a lot of us and the sections provide a very varied test of conditions. Good to see so many younger people taking part including a brother and sister team -ladies you will be really pleased to learn that when the young lad stopped in a section his sister did the reversing down the course!Unfortunately no Triumphs taking part (does anyone use one of the marque) but a tenuous link as former member Barry Redmayne -his TR is now in Malta- won his class. His son, driving the same car won the event, bet that made for an interesting drive home.

On the 18th of February David was once again marshalling, this time at Snetterton for the Snetterton Stage Rally, a tarmac event organised by a group of local clubs. The weather was nearly tropical for the circuit with only three layers required. Competition was fierce with Peugot, BMW, Mini's and numerous others breaking up the Escorts. The other thing that broke up an Escort was the competitor who left braking a bit late and ended up with a 3inch spruce fence post through the grille and radiator. Fellow members Peter, Maureen and Andrew Hudspith were there and I also met with Alan, Ian and his nephew (sorry did not get your name) from East Saxons. Have a look on the MSV website and if you are interested in going to an event let me know and we could make it a club run.

As I had gone in the 6, I was approached by a gent who has previously restored an MGB and recently acquired another one for spares, in the deal was included a TR7, and as he paid less than the price of a decent set of tyres for both this seems like a brave restoration. Talking of 7's I have received a long list of parts, mostly used, for that car, but some 6 and 3 as well. Give me a ring if you are interested.

February 26th was the second breakfast meeting and this was held at Wally's café in Acton. This café has legendary status locally and is used by a lot of clubs. Situated on the old Sudbury airfield it is in a 1940's building with the owner preparing locally sourced food. From this airfield The 486th Bombardment Group flew B24's and B17's from 1944 to 1945 targeting D Day beaches, assisting at Arnhem and at The Battle of The Bulge. They also targeted V weapon sites which pleased one of our number who can remember seeing the V1's coming towards his house. Being dragged back into the air raid shelter was his first taste of adults spoiling a small boy's fun.

During the year we will be meeting a various locations, trying to cover all of the area, so if you fancy a good breakfast with no washing up and a couple of hours convivial chat come along. For those nearest the venue it gives a chance to meet up if you are unable to come to Club Nights, for those further afield its a great reason to get the car out.

The final event to date was the March Club Night BBQ-that's Bob's Big Quiz. As ever it was a real brain stretcher with four sections, Cars, London, Songs in Films and General Knowledge. The winner was David with a very impressive 13 out of a possible 25 (told you it was hard) so thanks once again Bob, I do not know where he gets the questions but every quiz is a little different.

If you read my ramblings about Triumph models in issue 304 page12 then you may be interested in the results at my local auction house. Dinky 189 Herald sold at £85, four sports cars including No111 TR2 £170, and a Matchbox No4 Triumph TT110 motorcycle and sidecar £75, all of these then have buyers premium and vat added on. Lacy Scott have regular Toy sales so have a look on their website and if interested let me know as it would be good to meet up for the viewing or sale. .

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The shows and events that we are attending are on the TR website under Abbott and Stour, this is updated as new events are known, and keep a look out for the Round Robin e-mails as well.

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