2018 is here(MK2 version)

2018 is here(MK2 version)

Happy New Year,apologies for the delay but there was a slight hiccup in the communication system last week.

Anyway, has anyone been out in their TR yet? We managed to have a blast out on the 26th and it was just like being back in 1973(the year of manufacture of my 6)hardly any traffic and brilliant sunshine. Pity petrol was not 3s/6d a gallon.
My New Years resolutions have included using the TR more, meeting more members in the Group and not indulging in my own prepared Sunday full English. To that end how about a monthly breakfast meeting at various points around the Group? The first to be at The Haughley Truck stop-between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket- just off the A14 on Sunday 28th of January at 10.00am.
There is plenty of parking, it's just off the bustle and noise of the A14 and on the occasions we have met there the food looks and smells good. If you are interested please let me know just in case we have 50 hungry TR owners descending on the place at once.
If you are on the fringes of the Group and have a good café nearby let me know and we can include this during the year.

Please have a look at the Diary on the Group area of the TR Register web site, as I have now loaded up the main shows and events that we will be attending this year with details of how to enter, any queries please contact me. Your car does not have to be concours ( just look at mine)but the main thing is to use it and enjoy the day with like minded folk. The Diary will be updated as other venues become known so do visit this on a regular basis and if you know of a local show not on the list let me know.
Finally, the TR register Spring Ball will be on 6th-8th April at Casa Hotel , Chesterfield, if you are interested full details are on The Shop page of the TR Register website.
Trust 2018 will be a good year for you all

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