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    • AndrewMAshton  »  stuart

      Hello Stuart, I hope you don't mind me contacting you direct, in a thread in 2016 on re-furbishing door hinges you mention Chris, who does your hinges, uses roll pins, do you know what size he uses?, my hinges are off a 4a and the pin is 5/16", should that be the roll pin size I use, thanks, Andrew
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    • ctc77965o

      Gong Xi Fa Cai!
      · 0 replies
    • SpitFire6

      & what is this?
      · 0 replies
    • Paul J  »  Waldi

      Hi Waldi
      I don't want to hijack JJCs thread he seems to have enough problems. Yes I followed your problem with interest as I was also nearing the start up stage. My CR TR6 when purchased was running badly it did not bother me at all initially as I was intending on rebuilding the car anyway. 
      The engine when stripped was in a very good mechanical condition, it appeared to be in a reconditioned state but not having been run much, main problem was the No5 and 6 water jacket which was completely fowled with crud, I had to drill it all out before chemically cleaning it. Previous owner informed me that the electric fan was the problem with the over heating!! I also fitted a new camshaft.
      On the strip down I do not remember removing the HT leads from the Distributor cap so after setting the ignition timing with the Distributor at the same angle as previous I was most confused when there was no life on the initial start up, I rechecked the timing, then remembering your problem I checked the rotor arm angle, it was indeed not pointing to the No1 Distributor contact lobe, easy fix move the leads all around one position, it fired up first turn of the crank. According to my pre strip down pics the leads are now the same position so it must have been a silly mistake by me, I still cannot recall removing the leads from the cap (must be an age thing).
       Incidentally during my fault finding moment I changed the condenser for a known good one from my TR4A it produced a spark at the plugs but not as healthy a spark as the TR6 condenser and the engine would not run. 
      Its all good fun Waldi and keeps the brain cells active.
      · 0 replies
    • John Morrison  »  rcreweread

      Hi Richard saw your post re the diff collection.
      Are you sorted, if not, I MIGHT be able to get someone, a non forum user to help.
      give me a ring, with the postcode etc.,
      07775944 786
      · 0 replies

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