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Seat Restoration

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I have a dilemma with my seats, the vinyl is starting to split and the sponge is obviously now brittle as the dust accumulates on the carpet. I am quite willing to do the work myself, even though I have no experience but if I go down this route I would like a safety net, ie a coach trimmer I could take the work to to get a proper job done. If I do the reupholstering myself where is the best place to get the materials? I have seen the John Skinner website and done my sums.(I was drawn by the leather) It ain't cheap. Am I better off from the start going somewhere and getting a proper job done professionally?


Obviously alot of you have had the same questions. How did you resolve it? If anybody knows of a trimmer who does TRs in the leicestershire/northamptonshire area it would be appreciated info.


Thanks in anticipation of your help.


John thanks for the door card info - they flew off!!

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I restored the seats of my late 1964 TR4 myself:

The frames were blasted and etch-primed. The flimsy "L" section lower edge was repaired/ replaced with some identical steel section (from B&Q believe it or not!).

I painted the frames and fitted new diaphragms and webbings, foams, liners and leather trim kits.

It's a real wrestle getting the trim tensioned correctly, but I really enjoyed the process.

They take about 2-3 hours from bare frame to finished seat but it's really rewarding!

go on, have a go! :D



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