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Hi All,

           Today whilst out, the handbrake stopped allowing me to apply it.  Pull and press, the lever returns to OFF position. When I think about it, it began to be awkward to apply a few days ago.  Please will someone advise what has gone wrong. If I will need parts, a simple list of likely requirements will be greatly appreciated as it looks as if they are hard to locate.

Best wishes     Willie

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Sounds as though you have a problem with the pawl and ratchet Willie, or maybe the linkage from them to the button. 

Parts 7, 14 and 15 here:


Something may have become loose meaning the pawl doesn't catch properly, or worst case it has worn or broken. 

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1 hour ago, RogerH said:

These rods are for the tunnel mounted hand brake not the floor/chassis mounted type.

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In my case (https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/80104-tr4-handbrake-button/&tab=comments#comment-761376) the problem was a broken pawl-release rod.

I didn’t have any luck getting one from any of the usual suppliers, but I was kindly helped out by John Morrison who had a spare - at the time there was a handbrake assembly on eBay but it wasn’t cheap.

As Stuart has mentioned, it is possible to make one - 3mm piano wire from a model shop and using what is left of the broken one as a pattern is doable.

…… Andy


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Thanks for the recent comments.  I'm waiting on a call from Revingtons tomorrow about a new item. They have exhausted supply of used rods. A check on Ebay shows one assembly at £70 with issues with the cap, and no evidence of a rod! No go there.


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Hi Willie,

If you draw a complete blank I have one with a new ratchet and pawl fitted.  
The lever assembly is fully functional , no cracks in the tube or strengthener fillet.

 It has the threaded outer section for a TR 2/3 grip that the later sleeve type grip will simply slide/ fit over.

 The weird bracket….It is attached to a floor mounting that was intended for a now abandoned Austin 7 Special.  I will Just unbolt the lever assembly from the blue brackets if you are interested.  

The chrome is speckling in a couple of places  see photos.  You could whizz it up and down with the polishing mop to brighten it.

Yours for £50.00 plus whatever the postage is.

PM if you get stuck


Peter W





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