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The sidelights and rear lights on my RHD TR5 do not work when the headlights are on - whether dipped or full.  If only the sidelights are switched on, they work fine - front and back. 

It seems to me that the problem must be in the column mounted lighting switch on the left of the steering column and cannot be in the wiring.   Is that right?  The switch has three positions (off, side and headlights) with a pull for headlight flash.

If I do need to repair or replace the switch, getting it out seems to be quite a challenge and may even involve removing the dashboard, as I cannot see an easy way to get the wiring free from the steering colum.  Is there an easy way to get the switch and its wiring out?

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It is not an easy fix, and requires the column to be undone top and bottom to allow the channel that holds the wires  to be slid down , not sure the switches are available at present , they have been on back order. Would check the wiring and connection under the dash first .


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I would always go for a SH switch or try to repair my own. Have you tried contact spray in the switch? Remove the two plastic cowls for better access (only 2 screws and the nut for the OD stalk if you have one)  The switch  is now visible. All my switches had high electrical resistance, just a bit of electrical contact spray solved that.

I used this product, but there are different makes off course:


(sorry, link is to a Dutch website)


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Whilst you are playing with the switch consider fitting relays for the headlights - 1 x relay for both dip and 1 x relay for both main beam.

Then you can fit thinner wires onto the switch and give more room in the congested channel under the steering column.



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Thank you very much for your help.  I have bought a second hand switch from Revington but I also discovered that they can be obtained new from https://www.the-roadster-factory.com/ in the USA and they have offered to ship one to me.  Their part number for a RHD TR5 is LU35783 if anyone is interested although they seem to have other appropriate ones for TR4A's and TR6's, etc.

I managed to get the wiring channel out by undoing a few nuts and bolts and with a fair bit of brute force.  I do not plan on putting it back as cable ties should do the job just as well.

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