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Hi need help with wiring behind the dash. Please see photos. 

ive got a brown wire with a spade connector which I don’t know where it goes. I’ve also got a black earth wire which I guess goes on the back of the amp meter gauge? 

Any help would be much appreciated. 








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+1 for Roger's warning.  Earthing anything on the ammeter could be disastrous. 

The only brown wire on a '4A should be one from the starter solenoid to the ammeter.   Unfortunately it is not possible to see where the brown wire comes from in your first photo because there is something in the way at the top of the picture. 

The black wire in the second photo with the ring terminal may be an earth for the instrument panel which allows the gauge lamps to work. It might be intended to go under one of the serrated nuts on a gauge clamp,  but it looks a bit big for that.  Perhaps it is the earth connection for the heater fan motor. 

Bear in mind that there may have been wiring modifications made to the car over the years and the wire colours may no longer be as shown on the published wiring diagrams.  



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Hi Colin,

I don't know whether you have a 4 or 4A.  Their wiring have numerous differences, less in design than in colour coding ..assuming your car is positive earth.   I'm guessing yours is a 4A unless of course its wooden dashboard was retrofitted.

The black wires I have behind my 4A's dash are the earths for the instrument illumination lamps, and also an earth from the heater blower. 

The brown wires I have under dash are to the ammeter. (..Rob that blob in Colin's photo is I believe the air-vent-lever's knob). The thick brown wire to the Ammeter goes off to the starter solenoid, and the normal (thinner one, in the bottom LH corner of the photo) goes to my car's overdrive relay.

Hope that helps





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Thanks for the help everyone. Didn’t realise that there was another terminal on the solenoid! Connected the brown wire and the engine turns over now and the earth goes on the pin on the back of the gauges.

Thanks again


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