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I have an option on buying a stage 2 head which was built a few years ago, but never fitted. It’s still in its oiled paper, so all good to go, but I have a few thoughts which I’d like opinions on.

1.) The builder is unknown. I understand that there’s good and not so good in the stage 2 head world.

2.) If I did go for it, is it plug and play ? I.e swap the heads over without needing any further work (CP engine, stainless manifold and exhaust).

3.) Is it actually worth it ? Does a stage 2 head add much in terms of torque/drivability ?

4.) Given the CP standard cam profile, is there anything else I should be doing at the same time without breaking the bank if I do swap the heads over ?

It’s all relatively new to me, so interested in the experts’ opinions.

Thanks !


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Head stages are a bit of interpretation.

Does it mean gas flowed, big valves, raised compression or a combination of 2 or more? Different suppliers have different descriptions so it may mean virtually standard or just short of race spec.

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Never used, means never confirmed that the head converter didn’t go too far, and hole the waterway from inlet or exhaust passage.
Even worse no identification means no comeback against the converter, and will the seller (to you) allow a return if the head is U/S when fitted and tested ( especially if it’s going to be a while until the car is back on the road)…care needed.

Mick Richards

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i was told if they dont give a chart showing the flow test then how do you know its ok

i got a graph with mine and from there i could work out the cam etc for my old 6

the guy who did mine was great but no longer around so i might just clean it up it ran really well before i took it off the road in std form


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It always used to be the case that head work usually needed other things done (manifold changes, carb/fuel mods etc) in order to get reasonable overall improvements. I would be taking the advice from a man that knows (Mick) & be very wary before putting it on a car.

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