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Choke - chrome bezel tool

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Over the last 50 years I have owned and maintained a number of Triumph cars. Many of them, including my current TR6, have used threaded chrome bezels to secure choke cables, heater cables and other switches on the dashboard. I have used various methods for tightening the stupid things, some with limited success and a loss of chrome. So the question is was there ever a proper tool for doing them up and is such a thing still available? Thought I might treat myself for my 68th birthday :lol:


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20 minutes ago, Red6 said:

Thanks for the reply Kev.

There are two different types of bezel. One type has two slots in the front face and I think the tools in the link fit those. The second type has 6 cutouts around the edge of the bezel and that is the one I have.


The Moss tool does not have enough pips on it to engage properly as to having only 2. Therefore it is very easy to slip off and badly mark the chrome bezel, as I have done. They need to modify it! Roger you need to have words with them?


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2 hours ago, RogerH said:

Hi Red,

if the choke bezel is similar to the 4A then the bezel is integral with the cable see item 101 HERE

You  need to tighten the nut.

See PM



It looks like the choke cable bezel on my '75 TR6 is different to one on the 4A. On TR6 the choke cable bezel looks like the ones on the 4A interior light and washer switch in your link. I am of course assuming that it has the correct bezel, but this does seem to correspond to the diagram I saw on the Rimmer Bros site.

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Just found this picture from an old eBay listing. Might be an original factory tool but unfortunately no longer available. 


I have now also discovered an older forum post that did not crop up in my original search, should have tried harder: 

Thanks for all your help guys.

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