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Tenax pin location. the devil's in the detail.

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Anyone, can someone clarify at what point the position of the scuttle Tenax pins were relocated to behind the demister vents. The evidence suggest that it must have been early in production around January 1954. my car has both holes and the forward ones had domed screws and tiny washers filling the holes with primer and top coat coverage.This indicates to me that the scuttle was pre-drilled and the factory must have installed a second set of pins, perhaps this was to reduce the amount of fabric used for the Tonneau. It can not be surely that this was to allow use of the demisters when traveling hood down? The heater demisters were a token at best and my Granny could puff more on her death bed then the Smiths heater. But then it allows water to get into the heater if not fitted ahead of the vents.

This then begs the question of the length of the tonneau cover. I only ever had a Nos beige tonneau that had never been fitted so no clues as to location. 

Interested in any insights into this issue.as there are so few early cars around for reference.


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Rod, Skinner trim offer 2 types of tonneaux cover. Long for the TR2 with the forward

Tenax holes (your car) and short for the later type.

My car is the former as well, and it looks as though no thought was given by Triumph as to how

you fit the tonneaux cover to the scuttle with Stanpart aeroscreens.I may well have one made to fit.

Roger M-E


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