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Three Sisters Race Circuit this Sunday

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Fancy a day out on Sunday? 

We've a decent entry at the Three Sisters Race Circuit, Ashton in Makerfield, WN4 8DD on Sunday - see below. 

Morgan, MG, Lotus and Austins will also be performing along with the usual mix of single seat race cars, saloon cars and the inevitable Caterhams.  Viewing is good.  Entry is £6 after 9.30am.

If you do attend, do come and have a chat to the TR Register competitors, but please not just as we're putting on our helmets / leaving the paddock area.  

141 Conrad RAFIQUE, TR6, 1972, 2500, Petrol

142 Martin PAINE, TR6, 1976, 2500, Petrol

143 Hamish ROSCOE, TR3A, 1959, 2288, Petrol

144 Howard HOLDCROFT, TR4, 1963, 2198, Petrol

145 Elizabeth WAKEFIELD, TR3A, 1960, 2198, Petrol

845 Michael JONES, TR3A, 1960, 2198, Petrol

146 Ian PROUT, TR3A, 1960, 2138, Petrol

846 Kev BRYANT, TR3A, 1960, 2138, Petrol

147 Shaun ROCHE, DOLOMITE SPRINT, 1975, 1998, Petrol



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Great days racing at 3 sisters and catching up with old and new friends

1st Hamish

2nd Kev

3rd Michael

video to follow



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The video as promised. 
see the description for more info and 3rd party filming credits. 


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Why is it that most people film with the camera in the vertical position as opposed to landscape, beats me?

I am of course not referring to your in car shots Hamish  but the 3rd party clip.



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I found the underbody sequence most interesting, the way the weight shifts to the outer edge of the tyre sets me thinking about my own tyre adhesion in hard cornering coupled with my lowish tyre pressures.

Congratulations on a fine result.


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The tyre pressure has a major affect upon the tyre footprint under cornering forces, and that contributes to the tyre “slip” ( not skid) angles. Maximum grip under straight ahead motoring is compromised massively as soon as the steering input causes side loads to be input to the tyres.
That’s why a very coarse way of changing the cars handling can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the tyre pressures. However under competition after the tyre pressures are established at optimum ( no where near the pressures commonly “recommended” by the manufacturers), by measuring the across tyre temperatures, changing the tyre pressures  alters the tyre “slip” angles. Which alters the handling but only by decreasing the grip at one end of the car to the other. That can make a car understeer or oversteer whatever the drivers requires.

Using road tyres for competition use without increasing the pressures risks “ rolling” the tyre from the rim with the side forces.

Mick Richards

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