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Any problems with 10% Ethanol ?

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15 minutes ago, john.r.davies said:

Like "Marvel Mystery Oil" , in America, "Seafoam" appears to be better than bread presented in individual slices. For any, absolutely any, engine problem.   Bit like WD40.

It is more usual that remedies that are presented as cure-all nostrums are the reverse, the province of know-nothing quacks!


Pretty harsh, dontcha think, John?  Exactly who are you calling a know-nothing quack?  :D

My small engines have run better with pure gas and a stabilizer (whether that's STA-BIL, Seafoam, Lucas Oil fuel stabilizer, or who knows what).  That's empirical data.  And correlation is of course not causation.  is a fuel stabilizer transformative?  Nope.  Have I run experiments well-designed enough to separate the different factors?  Nope.  Have I had a no-start season-kickoff situation or the need to rebuild a carb since I started using that combo five or six years ago?  Another nope.

And BTW, WD-40 is a good laundry greasy-stain remover, so it has at least one use.

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I only drive Triumph's, and have never had the 'luxury' of a modern motor.

My day to day cars vary, but it is always a Triumph.

I use bog standard cheapest I can find fuel, and no issues to report to date.

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No reflection on you, at all, Don, and if you can explain, in detail, how Seafoam works, then you are not a quack!


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To revert to the E10 debate, I don't see any discussion of the fuel pump. The diaphram in the fuel pump must be elastic to oerate which probably means rubberised to some extent. Why isn't this the worst failure area? Can anyone reassure me that this is OK? Other than the fact that some people seem to have run cars on E10 in countries where they had to without problems?

I can replace with new any bits of rubber hose in my system and my SU's have metal floats and float valves. But I'm stuck with my fuel pump.


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