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The cockpit indicator light doesn't come on but the external indicator lights are working. I assumed it was the bulb or the contact/earth but as far as I can see there is no output from the central pole on the flasher unit, even though it's working in other respects. But my circuit tester doesn't much like detecting a fast flashing on/off voltage. Before I rush off to buy one, can anyone tell me if that is even possible?


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Yes it's possible for the flasher to be faulty but you don't need any thing special to test it Jock - just a small bulb with two wires attached will do.  

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That is what my spare one did. To test the bulb just put a lead from your active battery terminal to the centre terminal on the flasher unit. The dashboard indicator globe should light up. If it doesn't it will be either the globe or the wiring to it

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