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Curborough figure 8 sprint 10/4/22

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The competition is a bit tough



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Quick update before I load up and head home. 

1st in class

PB time 

and beat the old bogey time thus setting the new bogey time. 

previous best 71.64 (now class 2a bogey)

bogey time for my new class 2b 70.50

todays pb 69.54

very chuffed 




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Cheers guys

wonderful day where everything clicked including the weather. Dry sunny cool air temps.

car certainly had a thorough test. The extra power was good but the changes in torque character were a real benefit.

only 6-7 mph more over the line but the tyres really gripped and saw me through the corners and limited spin out of the corners

my gauge is the class bogey time. This is a set time that at a good car and driver in that class could achieve or the fastest time actually set.

I thought that 70.50 would be tough as it was over a second off my best- on a very twisty 1467metres

So a 69.54 is mega for me. Hopefully the GoPro worked.

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5 hours ago, TRTOM2498PI said:

Hi Hamish,


What is your terminal speed over the line ?



Hi Tom

its 80/81 mph 

this should show my times/runs



And it passed its voluntary MOT today too….. ;)

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As a comparison, I did a single lap in 37.91secs @ 82MPH (not the figure of 8). This was back in 2016.


A selection of other cars did the following:-

A mid-90's BMW M3 was doing between 84-86MPH at 38.05secs (fastest time he did all day).

Porsche Boxter (3.2l) = 36.83sec @ 92MPH

Mazda MX-5 39.64secs @ 81MPH

Nissan 350z - 42.79secs @ 77MPH

Renault Clio 172- 39.55secs @ 79MPH

Westfield (2.0l) - 35.81secs @ 89MPH


I have done a few more improvements since then, so maybe able to knock a few tenths of a second off.





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That's a great result and a beautiful MAC champagne flute too.  Hope it was filled several times once you were home.

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