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I'm about to refit the cam coreplug on my TR4 engine after the bearings have been replaced.  I'd assumed that the domed side faces outwards and you give it a good whack to seal, however the plug seems slightly too large for the hole although it does seem to be the right size dome side in.  So before I force it in, just checking that the dome side does indeed face outwards on this core plug...?



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Hi Myles 

Yes the domed side faces outwards when I fitted mine I put a bead of RTV around the shoulder in the block then fitted the core plug gave it a  smack in the middle then from the inside wiped the excess sealer away from the bearing


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Hi Myles,

 as per Chris's method but I use Welseal around the circumference.

Make sure that the hole where the plug fits is very clean.

You should be able to gently tap the plug into place


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I had to remove my engine to fix a leaking camshaft core plug so I went belt and braces as recommended by Mickey Motorsport on these pages somewhere.  I made sure everything was scrupulously clean and then put a thin smear of JB Weld around the edge of the hole, tapped in the new core plug and after a few moderate taps to set it, followed up with another smear of JB Weld around the outside of the core plug where it sealed to the block.  I'm not expecting it to leak or come loose again.

Rgds Ian

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Neil Revington advises against the use of Hylomar in oily areas as it can "ball up" and block oilways.  He recommends Heldite for these, and Wellseal for the cylinder head gasket..

Ian Cornish

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