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Replacing manual windscreen washer pump.

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On the face of it this may seem a stupid question, but as the result of a serious accident to my left hand some years ago I lost the top half of my three middle fingers and had damage to my thumb, this means that I have very limited dexterity in that hand. It's fine for general stuff, but I can't now hold or manipulate small items in that hand and the general sense of touch is limited and of course reach restricted. This means that a lot of the jobs I used to be able to do on the car are now not possible.

I now need to replace the manual windscreen washer pump on my 4A, I have tried reaching behind the dash but can't find a way to contort myself to reach the back of the pump with my right hand, before I get the local specialist to do this for me can the pump be removed and replaced completely from the front? If so any guidance would be welcome.

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Unscrew the knob and then unscrew the bezel from the front and it will just drop out behind.


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My manual washer pump died 7 years ago.

The inside of the pump and the tubes to the nozzles were blocked with particles of the rubber which had been shed from the inside of the pump.  I had to flush out all the  muck before fitting the new pump.

The replacement units from Moss are designed to cater for both TRs and MGs, but are not too difficult to fit as instructions are included.

Ian Cornish

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Thanks Stuart and Ian, washer has been successfully replaced.  I also had to temporarily remove the radio to get sufficient access behind, but as the radio is only for show and not connected to anything, no real problem.  I found the job easier than I thought, but then I only supervised while the next door's 17 year old did the actual work!:rolleyes:


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