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Replacement Inertia switches, word of caution.

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Yesterday I was helping iron out a couple of electrical issues in a friend’s TR6 and noticed a worrying issue with the replacement Inertia Switch which he had fitted.

the unit, pictured  below, was wired so that it only provided continuity/power to the pump in the triggered state not the safe/activated state

this meant that NO protection was actually being provided and the fuel pump would not have shut off in a crash

Dave had used the supplied , pre wired, mini loom which was pinned incorrectly in the three pin plug.

The unit provides Normally Closed and Normally Open connections, so that in addition to cutting power to the fuel pump it can light a tell-tale lamp to let the driver know it has been triggered.

The supplied loom connected to the NO contacts and thus the pump only ran in the triggered/crashed! position.

if you have one of these units, I do myself, please check that the fuel pump runs when the button is pressed down, not when it has sprung up when you tap or shake the unit.



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On 1/19/2022 at 3:45 PM, stuart said:

Supplied by?


Don’t know Stuart, i’ll ask.

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